Phase 1 (Brazilian students)

Brazilian Students can apply for both regular admissions and the two awarded scholarships. To apply for the regular admission into the class, please follow the instructions for foreign students. Brazilian students who apply for a scholarship will be required to go through a selection process:

1. Submission and analysis of documentation: 

Candidates must fill in the application form and attach it with the following documents as a pdf or .docx file to on or before March 5th, 2018.

a. A short essay in English explaining the candidate's goals and reasons for taking the course.

b. Curriculum vitae or brief resume (cv lattes / CNPq in English).

c. Proof of enrollment in an accredited university as an undergrad or grad student or the copy of diploma or declaration of completion (for recent graduates). A xerox copy or photo of your student ID can be used as proof.

d. A letter of recommendation from a tutor or a teacher with whom the student had classes or another type of collaboration (this letter must be sent directly by the tutor/teacher to the course email:

Phase 2 (Brazilian students)

The pre-selected brazilian candidates will be contacted via e-mail by April 20th and an interview in English will be scheduled over the following two weeks. For students living in Recife, interviews will take place at the Laboratory of Theoretical and Applied Ethology (Universidade Federal Rural de Pernambuco). Candidates from other cities will be interviewed via Skype. Final scholarship decisions will be announced by May 1st via email or posted on the website (